Recycle, sell or donate your garment. 

Play a decisive role in changing existing processes towards a global, circular economy. 
By using digital labels, you are significantly cutting the amount of waste. You can further decrease your ecological footprint by using the one-click function for recycling, selling or donating your garment. 


Garment Information

Use your phone to scan the QR code or NFC chip and obtain information about your garment. You will be able to see product photos, as well as brand promotional videos.

Garment Care

Get care instructions for your garment in your native language. Eliminate laundry mistakes and prolong the lifespan of your favorite clothes. CACOTEC app will automatically categorize each article of clothing into a virtual bin. Each bin has it's own care and washing instructions, which will allow you to do your laundry with ease.

Garment Story

The brand will share their story about your garment, and you will be able to see their supply chain, which brings transparency and trust to a new level between the brand and customers.

Appliance Control

You will be able to control your washer and dryer using the CACOTEC app.

Buy New Garment

Through the CACOTEC app, you can reorder a new product, straight from the brand.

Digitalized Wardrobe

Downloading the CACOTEC application will allow you to digitalize your wardrobe, and have all of your garments on your phone. You can browse your virtual closet, sell or recycle old clothes and donate them to your favorite charity. You will become a contributor to the circular economy.

Garment History

After a particular time of washing, you will be able to replace your favorite pieces from your closet or you will be able to recycle them.

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