Digital labels enhance communication between brands & consumers.

Brands will be able to give a full garment experience to their customers by watching videos, reading about their supply chains, and having direct contact with brands. 
Instant delivery

Cacotec for brands

The smooth, streamlined ordering process with a fast turnaround time.

Use our state-of-the-art one-stop-shop platform to simplify your label ordering process and save a considerable amount of time.

Reduce costs.

Now your physical labels can be much smaller, which leads to cost reduction. You will have endless customizable labels to manage diverse international requirements and other necessary data. Making mistakes in the label's data is not that expensive anymore - it's just one update away.

Digital labels for direct communication with consumers.

Give your consumers a full garment experience by watching videos, reading about your supply chain, and having direct contact with your team. Find out what users think about your product.

Speed up the shift towards a circular economy and sustainability. 

By using digital labels, you are significantly cutting the amount of waste. You can further decrease your ecological footprint by offering one-click garment recycling or donating options for your consumers.

Fast production

Cacotec for label companies

Network printing.

Network printers offer flexibility and efficiency. You can print from anywhere, and your maintenance needs will be more centralized and easier to manage.

Increase profit.

The cost of production will be lower buy using fewer materials, and less wear and tear of your equipment.

Instant translations.

The Cacotec platform gives you an instant translation in multi-languages, as well as immediate layouts for care labels. You will save a substantial amount of time in the production process.

Fast delivery.

You can now simplify your internal processes and speed up communication with your customers, which leads to the best delivery performance.

Cut the Labels

Cacotec for consumers

Cut the uncomfortable label.

Forget the chafing and skin irritation. Cut your long itchy labels without worrying about losing information - all the data is safely stored in and easily accessible from the cloud. 

Control your appliances.

Controlling your washers and dryers has never been easier. We have all the information needed for setting the washing machine and dryer. You tell us what is inside, and we'll start the appropriate cycle for you. Anyone can be a laundry expert now!

Use the digital label and communicate with your favorite brands.

With our digital tag, you can have access to important garment information like fiber identity and care instructions for the rest of its life in your native language. You will be able to create your virtual closet.

Recycle, donate or sell the garment.

Play a decisive role in changing existing processes towards a global, circular economy. In cooperation with brands and reselling companies, you can recycle, donate, or sell the garment through the app in just a few clicks. And maybe, even earn some coupons in the process.

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