Let's cut it out! It's time to take labeling to the next level. 

In the last decade, the care & content labels have become a big headache for many brands in the apparel industry. Labels are growing longer every year, and the cost is increasing substantially. The amount of unsustainable materials that the label companies are using yearly is outrageous. In the US alone, the label industry employs more than 300,000 miles of ribbon, which is enough to go more than thirteen times around the globe.

The prediction is that the usage of unsustainable material will increase in the next few years at a double-digit pace, yearly. The lack of global standards and the complicated laws in different markets are significant contributors to the wasteful labeling industry. Consumers around the world don't understand the care symbols on the care labels, and the information on the labels are useless. In most cases, consumers are cutting the labels out due to their size and their scratchiness.

Is there any solution to the outdated, wasteful care label industry?

Yes, the answer is CACOTEC, the platform that brings technology and sustainability to the label industry. It is time to change the regulatory labels and to modernize the processes so that everyone can benefit: the consumers, the brands, label manufacturers, appliance producers, and most importantly, we shall decrease the usage of the unsustainable materials.

Become a part of the solution.

Take a look at the various benefits and opportunities for our customers
Label Companies
Appliance manufacturers


  • Substantial savings
  • Less complicated ordering process
  • Shortening the production time
  • More cost-effective ability to manage diverse international requirements, including language requirements
  • Ease of changing information
  • Ability to add other context and clarity for care


  • Direct communication with customers 
  • Being completely transparent about their supply chain 
  • Allowing their consumers to send feedback about a brand's product 
  • Sharing the PR materials with consumers 
  • Consumers can request products that are out of stock 
  • Sharing the story and brand philosophy with their customers 
  • Extended accessibility for the adaptive community 


  • Obtaining the correct care information in the native language 
  • Consumers can request the products that are out of stock 
  • Getting information about products and the supply chain 
  • Ability to digitalize their closet 
  • Ability to organize their wardrobe in bins, per care instructions 
  • Ease of controlling their washers and dryers 
  • Getting discounts from the brands 
  • Empowering the visually impaired consumers by allowing them to wash their garments by themselves 


  • To participate in the circular economy and brand's sustainable programs 
  • Opportunity to rate the products and to send feedback to their favorite brands 
  • Ability to recycle the old garments, to sell them on the secondary market, or to donate them to the charities of their choice 
  • Opportunity to verify if the brand's supply chain is in line with the international labor laws 
  • To own their products from the moment they were produced, to the arrival in their closets 


  • Simplify the production process
  • Speeding delivery time to their customers - Increasing the profit
  • Collecting big data


  • Increasing the profit by sharing data information with their customers 
  • Implementing sustainable materials in their production process 
  • Ability to predict the future of the market, based on extensive data 
  • Opportunity to be included in the circular economy and to be a significant contributor to sustainability in the apparel industry 


  • Cutting the cost of production 
  • Simplifying the controlling process for their products 
  • Ability to control the washers and dryers by smartphones 
  • Collecting data and opportunity to increase the profit by selling third party products 


  • Allows the visually impaired consumers to wash their garments by themselves 
  • Adapt their products to a sustainable world and to implement new technologies that will stop the spread of micro-particles into the environment 
  • To introduce the most sustainable detergents to their consumers 

Our team.

The CACOTEC team is committed to becoming a significant player in the sustainable world and circular economy.

Our platform will disrupt, change and improve the current label industry. It will bring sustainability, transparency, traceability and authenticity to the brand. Bringing new technology to the label industry will empower the consumers as well as the manufacturers, and play a significant role in bettering the environment.
Filip Bajovic
Founder, CEO
Milan Krstic
Co-Founder, CTO
Fritz Winans
Dunja Mitrovic
Mariana Males
Creative Director
Dragan Babic
Product Designer

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