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May 2020

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us another patent. This patent will help us speed up the process of digitalization of the care labels.

December 2019

The AAFA set up a special labeling modernization task force, and the CACOTEC CEO will serve as the industry co-chair along with Ralph Lauren. The Labeling Modernization Group will work with the AAFA on drawing up a letter to the FTC and to other agencies in Washington DC and preparing for the lobby meetings.

November 2019

The Cacotec team went to Barcelona to meet with MANGO and DESIGUAL teams. We were discussing with both companies about the CACOTEC platform, benefits of care label digitalization, and the opportunity of implementation of the CACOTEC platform in their operation.

September 2019

The Digital Supply Chain Institute and NCR Corporation organized the Executive Leadership Forum in Belgrade, Serbia. Our CEO was a speaker, and he also took part in the panel "Trending Digital Supply Chain Issues." The group discussed the transformation of the traditional supply chain to the Digital Supply Chain, and how the transition impacts revenues, the cost and customer loyalty.

September 2019

CACOTEC became a member of the American Apparel & Footwear Association. Being a member of AAFA will help us to learn more about the apparel industry and to share our ideas about modernizing and digitalizing the label industry, which will bring us closer to a sustainable and circular economy.

April 2019

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us an additional patent, that will improve the way we control our appliances. We are very excited and proud of receiving another patent!

February 2019

The CACOTEC Team visited Washington, DC. We had a meeting with the Federal Trade Commission, organized by the AAFA. We had the opportunity to present our platform and to explain how technology can help the industry by modernizing and digitalizing existing regulatory care labels, and how to enable the use of new technology to deliver labeling information that will benefit consumers.

February 2019

Our CEO was invited to be a speaker at The Fashion Law Conference at The National Arts Club in NYC, organized by the Federal Bar Association. The “Fashion Tech and Wearable Technology: What Next?” theme was an insightful and innovative panel featuring legal counsels and startups discussing how fashion tech affects the fashion industry.

April 2018

April is turning out to be the most crucial month of the year. The CACOTEC team has expanded to include one more member. Dragan Babic joined us as a Product Designer. Dragan and his creative team will work on the CACOTEC website and phone applications. His ability to bring the creative and IT world together, and to communicate with the audience through his products, will be crucial for the CACOTEC operation. Dragan, great to have you with us!

April 2018

April 1st was a big day for CACOTEC. Milan Krstic joined our team as the Co- Founder and CTO. Milan's experience, knowledge, and techno creativity will help CACOTEC to reach our goals. We are proud and privileged to have Milan with us, and we are looking forward to seeing his creations in the real world. Welcome on board Milan!

November 2017

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us a patent. The invention is an excellent achievement for the CACOTEC team and will help us shape the apparel world.

January 2017

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Slavimir Stojanovic, and his New York FUTRO Design Studio. Slavimir is one of the artists whose artwork brilliantly communicates with the audience. He uses his creations to tell stories. He weaves words, shapes, and colors onto a beautiful canvas that mesmerizes the public. Slavimir will be working on the CACOTEC branding in the years to come.

January 2017

CACOTEC was incorporated in the state of Delaware. After a year of preparation, the CACOTEC team collected the necessary paperwork to establish itself as a corporation. We are very excited about the opportunity to bring technology to the Fashion World.

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